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The Real Top Dogs

Weston, Founding Pawtner

Meet the inspiration behind our Big dreams for this business from day one. Sweet, smart, and forever in our hearts! He doesn’t have to be here to keep reminding us why we love what we do.

Tiny Tanks, Previous Chief Treat Officer for Weiner Relations

Small but mighty! This little lady with a Big heart ran the office with a real paws-on approach. We’re doing our best since she left us, but her presence was always the real treat for everyone.

Alfie. Customer Relations

A real people pleaser. He prefers to be client-facing, helping customers with any bone they have to pick and digging up new ways to make our customer experience even better — like free snuggles.

Polly, Chief Morale Officer

She’s a true pup of all trades, helping out wherever she can in the office. But it’s her knack for letting you know that you’re appreciated that keeps employee enthusiasm at an all-time high.

Floyd, Production Manager

This guy is always focused on making sure everything runs smoothly. Well, until someone brings food into the office — then he’s the one running.

Vera, CPA (Certified Pup Accountant)

This pup puts her nose to the numbers for about 2.5 seconds at a time, loves pie charts, and has no problem giving us a howl when she’s ready to head out.

Marvelous Vin Maisel aka. Notorious D.X.E,  Self-Proclaimed Boss/Owner

A little sassy, a lot of bad assy  She may think she runs the show, but that’s because we don’t have the heart to tell her she doesn’t.


I ordered soccer backpacks for our soccer team and they were embroidered beautifully and and in a timely fashion. They are high quality and the team at Big World was fantastic to work with. Highly recommended!

Joanne Marks

Love this place. I have used them for years to produce part of my clothing line. Frank and Rich do a great job of communicating, working with deadlines and sticking to a budget!

Steph Beckman

I cannot say enough great things about the people at Big World Enterprises. I needed an order quickly and they were very responsive and easy to work with. They also did a beautiful job with the embroider work. Can't wait to use them again!

Cassie Shankweiler



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